insurance for baseball teams

Insurance For Baseball Teams

If you operate a youth or adult baseball team or league, you need to invest in appropriate insurance coverage to protect your organization, players and staff.

This post will go over the different types of baseball team insurance, as well as the factors that can impact pricing. We will also tell you where you can shop for coverage. But first, let’s explain why it is so important for baseball teams and leagues to be insured.

Why Baseball Teams Need Insurance

Every baseball team or league needs insurance, regardless of the ages of the players, and whether the league is professional or amateur.

Baseball team insurance can pay out when things go wrong. And while baseball is a non-contact sport, it still presents many hazards. Here are some scenarios where baseball team insurance would come in handy:

  • One of your players suffers a rotator cuff injury (very common in baseball). Accident medical insurance can cover the cost of treatment and rehabilitation.
  • A player on your team hits the ball into the stands, where it strikes an audience member on the head, giving that person a concussion. Your insurance can help pay the medical and/or legal costs.
  • While your baseball team is in transit to a game in another state, your bus strikes another vehicle. Your insurance can help cover the costs of damages and injuries.

There are plenty of other scenarios where your baseball team’s insurance policy can come to the rescue.

Types of Baseball Insurance Coverage

travel baseball insurance coverage

Here are a few types of baseball insurance to consider getting for your team:

  • General liability insurance: This type of insurance pays out when there is damage or injuries to a third person or their property. General liability insurance is arguably the most important form of insurance coverage you can have.
  • Accident medical insurance: If one of yourplayers or staff are injured during team activities (not a third party outside of your organization), you can cover medical costs with accident medical insurance.
  • Baseball travel team insurance: This is a specialized insurance product that can cover your team when you are traveling over significant distances to attend games or other events. It might not be necessary for a small youth team that only plays locally, but if your team crosses the state or even leaves the state, you should strongly consider getting it.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: Do you have any employees for your team or league? If so, the law requires that you pay for workers’ compensation insurance. It will cover lost wages and medical costs if your employee is injured or gets sick on the job.
  • Commercial auto insurance: With a commercial auto policy, you can cover any vehicles you use for your team or league. Keep in mind that a personal auto policy will not provide protection.
  • Commercial property insurance: If you want to protect equipment and supplies belonging to your team or league, then you will need this type of policy (remember, general liability insurance only covers other peoples’ property, not your organization’s property).

There may be additional types of coverages that in some cases are worth applying for as well.

What Does Baseball Team Insurance Cost?

To give you an idea what baseball team insurance can cost, here is a breakdown of costs for insurance offered through our recommended insurance company, eSportsInsurance:

Small Youth Leagues (1-5 Baseball Teams)

AYSAA Annual Membership Fee (per team) = $25 +

$1 Million Team Insurance

  • Age groups 12 & under = $65.00
  • Age groups 13-15 = $90.00
  • Age groups 16-18 – $115.00

$2 Million Team Insurance

  • Age groups 12 & under = $89.00
  • Age groups 13-15 = $125.00
  • Age groups 16-18 – $179.00

Medium-Sized Youth Leagues (6+ Baseball Teams)

  • $477 annual premium for up to 75 players
  • +$2 per additional player over 75

Adult Baseball Leagues

  • Call for quotes.

The exact cost for baseball insurance can vary, depending on a variety of factors. Some of these include:

  • Types of policies you choose to purchase.
  • The coverage amounts you pick.
  • The deductibles you choose.
  • The type of organization you are running.
  • The size of your team or league.
  • How much travel you do, and over how wide a region.
  • Any discounts you qualify for.
  • The individual underwriting guidelines for the carrier.

Having a good track record can also help you to get a better deal on insurance. If your organization is taking all appropriate measures to prevent injuries and accidents, you probably do not have to file claims very often. That should qualify you for a good price.

If, on the other hand, your team makes a lot of claims, that is going to drive up the cost for insurance.

Where to Get Insurance For Baseball Teams

Our top recommendation for affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage for baseball teams and leagues is Tivly. Unlike sports-only insurance companies, Tivly has coverage options for 100% of your needs. As baseball is such a popular sport, it is one of the company’s main specialties.